Welcome to the Space that always is…


This morning I was getting ready to leave for a gathering and required a little extra sprucing up. I was heading to the Self-Realization Fellowship Church meditation, so I thought. I walked back upstairs and stared at the clock. Some how the minute hand had sped up. It was supposed to be daylight savings time. There would be no SRF meditation this morning. So I sat on the couch and felt the current of anger and exasperation. They subsided after a couple of minutes, like inconsequential energy waves, and I started laughing when I saw the mind attempting to create a problem.

My wife interrupted the chuckling spree. “You need a haircut.”

“And I suppose you are going to give it to me right now?” I smiled. A minute later I was perched on a stool in our kitchen listening to the pitter-pat of rain on the roof, the hum of the fridge, and feeling the long, delicate fingers consciously and gently stroking, clipping, and dancing on my head. It was a haircut meditation and like any true meditation didn’t require mantras, breathing techniques, chakra clearing exercises or any other transcendental mumbo-jumbo. It only required the witness attitude, which is simply a surrender to what is. So the meditation continued. The mind was still, then alternated between restless and bored, the shoulder exuded an uncomfortable achy sensation, the breath just came and went, snip, snip of the scissors, pitter pat on the roof, while fingers delicately touch the neck. None of it was under ‘my’ control.

Whatever is happening is a doorway to true meditation, to being fully present in the living moment. We don’t need to go anywhere to meditate. We never go anywhere; we are always here. Wherever the body ends up, sick in bed, driving to work, running through a park, getting a haircut, you are always here to witness it all. In that witnessing is the joy of Life. It is so full and rich, the entire wonder of earth, sky, and universe inside our awareness. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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