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Fixing the ‘Problem’…

Yesterday a friend called and asked me a question about what he referred to as ‘the six poisons’.  He said they are: alcohol, sugar, tobacco, coffee, dairy, and wheat. He didn’t understand why wheat was considered a poison. I took the invitation to sing what I knew, blabbing about wheat’s chemical processing, gluten intolerance issues, contamination and toxicity elements, degradation of nutrients, etc. He listened in earnest and yet still seemed puzzled. Our conversation changed directions and I found myself attempting to ‘fix’ all of the unresolved issues he was baffled about.

Fixing the problem comes from the belief that there is a problem. After our call, I realized that I was attempting to make it better but in fact was reinforcing a belief that ‘there was in fact a problem to be solved’. Though well meaning, I came across as a zealot who was filling space with “know-it-all” chatter. As soon as I realized that, I apologized to him.

Yet how does one see that there isn’t really a problem? To see that it is okay to be depressed or happy, melancholy or glad. If you are living from the mind, it is not possible to see the truth of that statement. One first needs to disidentify from mind by stepping into awareness, a bold yet simple leap. From awareness you understand that there is never a problem. From that realization, the ‘problem’ dissolves in its own time.

Problems only exist in the mind, so when you identify yourself as the mind, the problems are believed to be real. When you step back into awareness, the identification is broken and the problems disappear. Living from awareness is where lasting peace is revealed as ever present.

What is your heaviest thought? Is it related to drugs, alcohol, depression, money, or self-worth? What knows that mind-labeled ‘disturbing’ thought? You might say, ‘I do’. Though that is just another thought. Don’t answer the question from memory, or from what you’ve read, but from your direct experience. The truth is: Awareness knows. Without awareness, any thought doesn’t exist—no God, no world, nothing. Awareness always remains, the rest of the states alternate and revolve, come and go, but never touch you. In awareness all questions dissolve and so does the you that is thought up. Rest there.


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