Paid to Meditate…

Many years ago, I practiced a Western-style deep tissue sports massage in the Ski Resort town of Park City, Utah. In those days I would drive through snowstorms on steep canyon roads. One of my regular clients, Melinda, had her own massage room. That meant I did not have to carry my massage table inside and set up.  This was a nice break during those busy winter months.  Several other perks were available during those appointments.

First, Melinda was always late, at least 45 minutes, sometimes an hour. So I got paid to meditate. I did not need a meditation bell to let me know when my time was up since Melinda would call before she came downstairs to the treatment room.

“Michael,” she would say, “I am going to send Rosie down now.” The first time this happened I smiled with amusement. She would ask me if I minded giving Rosie a short massage, advising me that she would be down in a few minutes.”

Rosie was Melinda’s beloved golden retriever, and she would faithfully come down at the end of my meditation like a Chinese Zen Master and the ‘real meditation’ would officially begin. That amazing dog would lie down before me with such ease. It was like she was saying: ‘this is it, this is all there is to it.’ She wasn’t coming down for a massage but simply to transmit the natural state back to me.

I would in turn touch her with great care. In fact, if my mind was active or agitated, she would not let me touch her or she would end our mini-session early if I suddenly became ‘self-absorbed’. Rosie bestowed a silent blessing on me every evening. Those respites helped me get through several arduous winter massage seasons.

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