Welcome to the Space that always is…

Learning to love silence…

Over the last 16 years, the healing arts have bestowed a great gift. This present was never hidden, only overlooked because of its utter simplicity. The gift was silence. It took a while for this gift to be acknowledged and fully received. The habit was to bypass silence. Most of us have been conditioned this way. We are taught to cover up, as quickly as possible, the stillness, the emptiness, the space where nothing appears to be happening. Oh sure, maybe we can sit in nature and enjoy the stillness of a sunrise, a mountaintop, a bird prancing about for a few minutes, but can we fully accept the invitation of silence and let it evaporate the mind?

When you and I work together in the healing environment, it is an opportunity to allow ourselves to empty, letting the innate, silent wisdom enter and take us over. This willingness, to not only touch the void but to embrace it as our own, is called earnestness. It is our greatest attribute. It reveals everything as already present. Then we really rest, deeply relax, and no longer search for the next thing. That is a true blessing.

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