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Over the last decade of research and direct experience, I have seen a huge difference between so-called alternative, natural and holistic doctors. Most of these doctors are helping people a little bit but not much. Of course this is better than being a mainstream Western Medicine doctor that is funneling people to the grave with their poisonous and barbaric methods. These alternative-based doctors all seem to have their trademark ‘thing’ -which they promote, like: a go-to therapy, whether it be emotionally-centered, some spiritual to-do, or herbals decoctions, homeopathic remedies or fancy tests which are worthless. These doctors can help people who are out of balance and mildly ill but they have no ability to help someone who is dealing with a serious chronic illness. Then there are holistic doctors who are using and practicing the most powerful cutting edge modalities and working with the very sick: autism, cancer, lyme disease and other serious viral illnesses and chemical poisoning.  I am fortunate to have found Doctor Robert Rowen. He is truly a pioneer and my health is continuing to reach new levels of increased vibrancy each week. It is remarkable.

Last week I watched the documentary ‘Vaxxed”. I left feeling this fierce compassion for all beings, not just the young infants undergoing the toxic vaccines and their parents but the doctors and nurses who were injecting these poor children with what they thought was a life-sustaining aid but turned out to be a poisonous cocktail meant to maim, disable and kill. These atrocities perpetrated by Big Pharma’s relentless greed also fell into my sphere of compassion albeit a bit more gradually in the days following the movie.

Last Thursday, I had my 3rd 10-Pass Ozone session. As I opened by car door to step out and walk into the Doctor Rowen’s office, I saw a family with a young boy about age 5. Immediately I recognized his autism. Being just ahead, I opened the door for this family. The office was jammed full of people and only 3 seats were available. Initially I sat down and then the autistic boy sat right next to me. His eyes never looked up. Not once. He was in a certain sense ‘not there’–meaning cognizant and present. His eyes were glued to an Ipad with a video game on display. I offered my seat to the mother and father. I would see them post appointment too and was grateful they had found Doctor Rowen. Perhaps Doctor Rowen would do heavy metal chelation to remove the toxic residuum from the thimerosal in the vaccines or use ozone treatments to help him purify his system. Maybe, just maybe, this young lad might one day recover part or all of his normal neurological function. That was the prayer I held in my heart.

It is an ongoing journey of incredible rejuvenation, this 10-pass Ozone. I found out that this modified Lahodny Protocol that Doctor Rowen utilizes, enables one to use far less Heparin. Instead of Heparin every pass, each alternative pass 5 grams of Vitamin C is used. The Vitamin C IV is a treatment all its own but in this case is used primarily to reduce the amount of heparin needed for the procedure.

Vitamin C research has been going on or decades. The most famous and well-known researcher was Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner known as the father of vitamin C therapy.

Today, IV Vitamin C is known as a powerful, non-toxic anti-cancer agent used to generate high levels of hydrogen peroxide in the bloodstream. Hydrogen peroxide is known to destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. For cancer therapy, 50-75 gram IV doses are used every week for 6 months as part of a comprehensive and holistic cancer recovery system.

Vitamin C also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and it stimulates the immune response by improving white blood cell activity. Serious viral infections, like:  mononucleosis, viral hepatitis and Epstein Barr (all linked to so-called chronic fatigue syndrome) have been eradicated by intravenous Vitamin C in just 6 treatments.

High dose Vitamin C therapy via IV also detoxifies heavy metals and other environmental toxins and chemicals.

According to international Vitamin C expert, Dr. Ronald Hunninghake:

“Vitamin C IV Therapy is the premier treatment for chronic infection and delivers about 200 to 300 times the normal amount of vitamin C that your blood normally experiences just eating a balanced diet.”

Intravenous vitamin C is able to increase blood levels 70 times with only a 2000mg injection (2 grams). I had 12 times that amount (25 grams) during my Ozone 10-pass and vitamin C was not the primary treatment!

Right after my 10-pass session another man came in to the treatment room. He was about 65 years old; a new age hippie kind of guy. He was carrying a book in his hand like one would hold a newborn child.  It was an original hardback version of Autobiography of a Yogi circa 1946; I recognized the cover right away.  We talked while I was prepped for my next therapy session, PK and BiOcean. (More on these new therapies in a minute). The man, Jeff, was about to get a ‘Super Knott’ UBI Therapy (UBI stands for Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).

Later I learned that considerable research into Ultraviolet light therapy began in the 1800’s. In 1870 UV light began to be used medically for treatment of disease. Seattle scientist Doctor Emmett Knott was one of the pioneers. He sought out the bactericidal property of ultraviolet light rays to treat infectious diseases of the bloodstream. He received a patent on his device for treating bloodstream infections. Knott’s Hemo-Irradiator was used in the 1930’s to 1950’s and had a cure rate of 98% in early and moderate infections and an amazing 50% on terminal cases. The device worked for healing of all kinds of diseases, not just bacterial infections but viral, autoimmune-like disorders like lupus, infectious wounds, asthma and arthritis–among others.

This Knott UBI device and healing system still works today. 

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) therapy is administered by a device called the Knott Hemo-irradiator.  (Though only one of the original Knott devices is still operational today–for information about the politics related to that see a curezone link to my doctor’s newsletter:


UBI therapy enhances immune function. UV radiation can be used to purify water and treat sewage but it can also purify the blood of toxins of all kinds. Once the blood is exposed to the UV radiation a rapid detoxification effect is produced.

The Knott technique of blood irradiation (approved by the American Blood Irradiation Society) can help:  Increases the blood oxygen level,  white blood cell activity, eliminate toxicity,  decrease edema (swelling) and  control nausea and vomiting.

According to Woodlands Research Center: “The treatment consists of withdrawing blood from the patient and by use of the Knott hemo-irradiator, exposing it to radiant energy between the wave lengths of 2,399 and 3,900 angstrom units as it passes through the irradiation unit at a predetermined rate.  The blood is returned to the patient through the needle used for the initial venipuncture (IV).  The entire system is “closed” meaning the patient’s blood never leaves the tubing or the bottle and is simply returned back into the vein after passing through the UV device. Treatment requires 15-60 minutes depending on the amount of blood treated and how fast the blood flows. After the treatment, 15 minutes of rest is required, after which time the patient may resume activity…”

Before he left, Jeff brought what turned out to be a signed copy of Autobiography of a Yogi and I opened the book to see that Yogananda had signed it with a blessing to the original owner. The words said essentially what Yogananda always pointed to: “strive for Self-realization with all of your heart.”

After my 10-pass ozone session I had a Biocean IV. Intravenous BiOcean is purified Ocean trace minerals that has additional minerals, amino acids, along with magnesium and potassium added and vitamin B-6, B-12 AND B-COMPLEX.

BiOcean restores optimal nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Then came the PK Protocol. The original innovator was Dr. Patricia Kane (hence the name PK) who brought the therapy to the U.S from Europe. The PK Protocol optimizes treatment for neurological illnesses, including: ALS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy, mold & chemical toxicity, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Chronic Lyme, mood disorders and many others.

There are three parts to the full PK Protocol: IV infusions make up the most potent aspect but an organic-based Paleo/ketogenic diet and an oral supplementation program are also used.

The IV infusions include mainly: phosphatidylcholine, with a syringe push of glutathione–which I had first. It was quite an intense experience, the glutathione aspect. The Phosphatidylcholine was a breeze.

PC, also known as “Essential Phospholipids” is a non-toxic alternative to many Western-based drug therapies and yet is still not approved (in mainstream Western medicine in the U.S.).

The cell membranes are rejuvenated by the PC IV.

An IV glutathione push is given to increase detoxification. According to some literature I found:

“Glutathione is a small molecule made up of three amino acids, which exists in almost every cell of the body. However, before it can work effectively within the body, glutathione must be generated within the cell from its precursors. The presence of glutathione is required to maintain the normal function of the immune system. It is known to play a critical role in the multiplication of lymphocytes (the cells that mediate specific immunity) which occurs in the development of an effective immune response. Furthermore, the cells of the immune system produce many oxiradicals as a result of their normal functioning, resulting in a need for higher concentrations of antioxidants than most cells. Glutathione plays a crucial role in fulfilling this requirement.”

Each morning, after my ozone treatment, because of the sheer volume of toxins released into the system, I use a coffee enema but this week will be my last as intuitive the coffee’s acidity feels detrimental in some way. I will quote from my book for those not familiar with the coffee enema:

“The coffee enema came into prominence in the 1940s when Dr. Max
Gerson included it in his cancer-healing protocol. Max Gerson was a
pioneering and extremely effective natural cancer treatment specialist.
According to Gerson’s literature, “…from the patient’s point of view, the
coffee enema means relief from depression, confusion, general nervous
tension, many allergy-related symptoms, and, most importantly, relief
from severe pain…”

The coffee enema powerfully detoxifies the liver and gall bladder.

According to the chiropractor, Dr. Scott Priebe, “The coffee
enema is in a class by itself. Bile is normally reabsorbed up to 9 or 10
times before working its way out of the intestines via feces. The enzyme
enhancing ability of the coffee enema does not allow re-absorption of
toxic bile by the liver across the gut wall. It is an entirely effective means
of detoxifying the bloodstream.”








Jack Selk…

In 2012, my current caregiving client Muriel, the drama queen extraordinaire (and she knew it), was nearing the end of her earthly form existence. Exasperated and feeling hopeless from the lack of support shown by her two sons, both in their early 60’s, she exclaimed.

“Michael, go talk to Jack about the helium!” It was a downright commandment from the feisty Old Girl.

Muriel had surely lost it, ‘helium?!’ I thought. I politely giggled to myself, the faint sound of muffled chuckling and my ridiculous smile gave me away though.

“Michael, I’m serious.” Muriel looked at me shaking her head back and forth. “I mean it! Go talk to Jack.  Here’s his number.” She handed me a piece of paper. “He will tell you all about it.” (Muriel did not use helium).

The next day, after a short phone call introducing myself, Jack enthusiastically received me for a visit. When I arrived at the Garfield Park Retirement Community off of Bay Ave on the Westside of Santa Cruz, I came to the sliding glass back door. The entrance I would always use. Peering through the glass I noticed a man in a reclining chair as I knocked against the slider. Jack, was just about to turn eighty-nine, but you wouldn’t know it based on his fleet-footedness. In seconds he had the slider opened and warmly greeted me with a piercing presence.

With those charismatic eyes, that hallmark intensity, Jack was surely hooked up to a potent source. The first thing I noticed about Jack’s pad, as I took in his space, was a small 5-7 index card tacked on the wall opposite his recliner chair, which read:

“Do not meditate – be!

Do not think that you are – be!

Don’t think about being – you are!”

Instantly I recognized the quote and knew it came from the sage Ramana Maharshi. I pointed to the wall:

“Ramana!” Jack’s face lit up and soon we were discussing Non-dual spirituality with great vigor. The original reason I had come was now obsolete, for authentic companionship and Reality was the ‘real’ reason. Jack and I became instant soul friends; kindred spirits who could understand each other with ease; intuitively our connection allowed one another to fill in missing words, connect shared insights, all the while- just as easily- relaxing into the space between the words: silence.

Our main course never deterred; that first visit was no exception: It was Advaita-Vedanta—the purest, most direct spiritual teachings of India. Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj were the two Giants pointing the way Home, to a place that was closer than our breath, more intimate than our heartbeats and inside our very own Self. The energy current of these beings, their piercing wisdom, were elixirs that ran through every single one of the hundred plus meetings Jack and I had over a four year span.

An appetizer discussion, which occurred just as often, was NDE’s or Near-Death Experience. These accounts which Jack pulled mostly from memory were sprinkled forth along with tidbits of quantum physics. Jack had been able to bring cohesion into these three spacious fields: (Advaita Vedanta, NDE’s and Quantum Physics). All of these transcendent philosophies were clear and direct pointers to our eternal nature as Spirit and Jack and I reveled in THAT.

Our discourses were always lively and deep. After an hour or more of sharing, Jack and I might suddenly be stopped ‘dead in our tracks’ by the profound wisdom we were sharing with each other. Light chuckles, a humbling infusion would follow; then, we would shake our heads in awe. With Jack, the silent power behind the words he spoke struck me like the boom from a cannon that never stopped searching for its target.

Soon dessert would arrive: Assisted suicide or as we both preferred, Dying with Dignity or Self-Deliverance. Jack had been a member of the Hemlock society. I knew the general theme of that group but had never realized that a system had been devised to allow someone to so easily take charge at the end of life. Helium tanks, (those used and until recently easily purchased at toy store as a party balloon device), were the easiest, cheapest and most simple way to ‘deliver’ oneself on their own terms.

Always when I listened to Jack talk, my eyes were riveted on him like a bolt to a ship. I could not even think a thought. Jack spoke with a fiercely practical, often scientific enthusiasm. Hidden underneath, not easily seen sometimes, was a beautiful sensitivity and deep compassion. If my awareness began to drift at all while listening to Jack, his face would begin to turn red and his eyes would emit a laser-like current that would not allow me to drift into thought. This was not a conscious action but simply a unique aspect of our communion.

On that first visit, Jack told me about the several ‘Self-Deliverance’ opportunities he had witnessed. One account included a woman, diagnosed with a debilitating disease, ALS I think it was. She did not want to go through the ghastly pain and agony of a slow demise which would end in her being totally incapacitated, hooked up to oxygen but still unable to breath because her lungs were filling with fluid. So instead this woman, before she became utterly incapacitated, decided to use a helium tank. She invited other Hemlock members to her home. She put on her helium hood (to isolate the helium) and turned on the gas. A few moments after turning the valve on, she looked out her window and said:

“Oh look! The bird has returned to its nest….” Those were her last words.  She then passed out, painlessly unconscious, as the helium gas took up oxygen receptor sites in her brain, lungs and body systems. Minutes later she was physiologically dead.

In the final decade of Jack’s life, he began to share his limited income with many other people through the use of what he called: “Stipends.” Jack has been giving away about 30-40 percent of his income to those in financial need. He told me more than once: “What am I going to do with it. My daughters have what they need. I just need these basic items taken care of and the rest can be of some help to others.”

One time Jack showed me a copy of a Vedanta text stating his reason for giving away the money. It was this altruistic and yet simple paragraph that symbolized the free-spirited way in which Jack lived.

Jack was grateful and knew that his long life afforded him extra time to share intimacy with his daughters and grandson while going deep into spirituality in the many ways I have mentioned. Jack did not leave out the relative sphere, however, the practical necessity of day to day survival needs.

I would do anything for Jack and he knew this but he was so independent that I was not able to do as much as I would have liked.

We did not talk much about my 8 year journey of chronic illness which began in 2008 but when we did discuss this, Jack listened with the same intensity, turned into fierce compassion, while asking important questions and deeply considering my situation from alternative perspectives.

Then one day about two years ago, the stipend changed and Jack decided that he would give it to me as I was doing my best to help my former partner and dear friend Aleece. So in the last two years of Jack’s life, his stipend moved on to Aleece – who did not have a place to live. Jack’s stipend paid her bare rent, a small trailer on some horse property. Aleece returned this gift to Jack, coming over about once every two months and pouring her heart onto Jack. Jack loved Aleece and she was able to touch Jack’s heart in a very unique way as they both shared a deep spiritual understanding. Jack often remarked that he had not met anyone like her.

It was always obvious that no doctor or organization was going to force Jack Selk into a hospital bed or hook him up to IV tubes. No way were they going to take away his independence while extracting his final resources under false pretenses related to extending life at all costs.  Jack was not going to be the type to be pushed around in a wheelchair either.

Jack was adamant that helium should be available to use by anyone of sound mind who wished to end their life before undergoing unbearable pain and suffering or simply because their independence was being forced from them. And Jack’s death was a shining example of that.

He was lucid, clear and brilliant as always but over the last 6 months prior to his conscious transition, since his move to a new retirement community, La Posada, (which provided meals as Jack loathed cooking) Jack had been slowly losing interest in worldly things—even more than his regular detachment. His physical body had begun a fairly rapid decline. He was no longer able to ride his bicycle, which he had always used for appointments or grocery shopping. (One time I secretly followed him just to watch him ride his bike, much like one would watch an infant play). Jack’s usual steadiness afoot had turned into a warble. Falls had begun to happen in the last 2 months–one taking down a book shelf near his recliner and one by the shower caused some severely bruised ribs requiring a course of tylenol-codeine. Throw in a few periods of incontinence and Jack was losing too many faculties–at least for him.

Jack died like he lived, fearlessly. He was fixed on source and his doubts had been removed about what we really are and that this ‘so-called’ life is just a phase of Consciousness. He had read thousands upon thousands of near death experiences over the last 40 plus years. From his deep spiritual search, conviction grew and expanded into Certainty.

Jack is a shining light that was focused into and appeared as form but was never that form. Our physical eyes deceive us for if we are looking out through the veil of mind we confuse what is utterly simple: the living spirit that animates us all.

For some reason, only a celebratory energy is here, a joy. Jack would not shed a tear over my form passing. It was not his style. As one who had been known to shed a few tears on the melancholy, I find myself infused instead with the Certainty that Jack is as he always was. I rejoice in Life Eternal. Now, finally a single tear falls. Pure joy  celebrating the living essence that played as Jack and will never leave my heart. No bodily death could veil our soul connection. (Besides, Jack and I have discussed in the last months a plan to meet in Norway, if as he said: “We are forced to come back here.”).

As Ramana Maharshi once said about his impending so-called death:

“They say I am leaving but where could I go?! I am here.”

So it is with Jack, he is truly alive. My heart bursts with great delight in our continued communion.


jack chetana michael

(Michael, Jack and Aleece  at La Posada January 2016)




The Austrian Ozone innovator, Doctor Lahodny, introduced the 10-pass, Major Auto-hemotherapy about a year ago in the United States. Since that time, the therapeutic effectiveness of these blood transfusion treatments has greatly improved (For years only 1-pass was done).

I finally had a full 10-pass transfusion on Tuesday. It took about 90 minutes and I was fortunate to have the ICU nurse Pamela, a veritable wealth of direct experience (she has had about 50 of these done on herself – not to mention the hundreds that she has supervised for patients).

During the first pass, Pamela said:

“Your blood looks good. I see a lot of blood; you must eat a good diet.”

Pamela’s nursing skills were technically brilliant, the way she managed the IV lines, adjusting heparin dosage (blood thinner is imperative to keep the blood from clotting the lines), and Pamela even added 10 grams of Vitamin C (a powerful healer and oxidizer itself). Because of the Vitamin C and the use of Nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme, less Heparin is needed for blood- thinning. Pamela did have to change a clogging needle (my blood was not thin enough at one point—apparently we hit a thick sludge near the 6th pass which may have been related to my long-standing chronic illness or the lack of effective action of my Vitalzyme product -which may not have had enough Nattokinase. All through the transfusion, Pamela kept her heart in full bloom.

During the last few passes of bood I felt oxygen rush to my brain at a level not experienced in a decade. It was as if I was going back in time, to place of deep health, while still being able to retain the wisdom of who I am now. (About 7-8 ounces are pulled from the body, ozonated, and put back in during each pass).

The 10-pass treatment is, ideally, done 10 times, once per week. I have felt reborn physically the last few days.

My mother, Carolyn, was interested in the therapy and lived just 2 miles away, so she was able to sit and take in the whole experience. Pamela actually gave a nutritional- educational session to my mother at no extra charge.  Upon learning my mom used canola oil, Pamela said it was unhealthy, had GMO ingredients and puts the planet put under stress while damaging the lives of indigenous peoples during the processing and production. Another time I made a statement about ozone being grandfathered into Western Medicine and there was no way the Mainstream Western Machine could stop it (though they would love to outlaw it)–to this Pamela replied:

“Yes, but Mainstream puts pressure on the suppliers of oxygen and other ozone equipment” – making it harder and harder to obtain oxygen tanks and accessories.

My mom and I were quite astounded and impressed- not only with Pamela’s expertise but the results of the 10-pass ozone blood transfusion-which bore evidence through my revitalized being.

Once mom realized that these Ozone treatments were effective at eradicating the root factors involved in my long-standing chronic illness challenge, she decided to pay for the treatment series by amending her Will and giving, an “early inheritance”.  My mother has a generous spirit. Right now she delivers ‘meals on wheels’ to those in need and is preparing to be a Guide Dog Puppy-raiser, among other things. As Paul Newman once said about inheritance, when he was nearing the end of his life:

“If people knew how good it felt to give, they would not wait until after they died.”

Thanks so much mom, your gift is allowing new life to flow into and through me. I am eternally grateful.

Medical Ozone Treatment

With the grace of a cancellation, my car headed from Santa Cruz towards Santa Rosa last Thursday April 7th. My health status had been deteriorating in the weeks since the failed parasite drug therapy (discussed in an earlier blog entry) -which came about after a  7-month illness relapse had drastically affected my health.

A similar act of cosmic intervention occurred in late 2009, enabling me to see Andrew Landerman D.D.S., a pioneering mercury-free dentist who saved my life at the time by removing two very toxic root canals and cleaning my entire mouth of all remaining metals. In his opinion, this was the only way to get over chronic lyme disease, which his Voll machine and experience said I had. (For more about that, ask me, I will give you a copy of my memoir: From Illness to Stillness: Uncovering Your Innermost Being.)

I took the Highway 1 coastal route to Half Moon Bay for some lovely scenery while bypassing the Silicon Valley traffic. The nausea, headache and brain fog were making the journey, shall we say: even more interesting. I was on auto-pilot mode; luckily “I” am never really driving but just sitting stationary in the vehicle while Spirit drives the car and takes this body wherever It chooses.

In my case, this meant to the office of Robert Rowen M.D. Doctor Rowen, along with his wife, Doctor Su, have a holistic medical practice in Santa Rosa.

According to an interview with a medical colleague, another holistic-minded MD, Doctor Rowen said the following, about his transition in the 1970’s from Conventional Western Medicine to Holistic Medicine:

“… I came to see that what we were doing for our patients was the same type of chemical pollution that we were doing to the planet.”

Besides his pioneering work in Ozone Therapy, Doctor Rowen was politically active, successfully pushing for legislation to allow physicians to practice ‘unconventional’ (holistic) medicine without being harassed by the Medical Mafia (aka- Mainstream Western Medicine). In 2015, Doctor Rowen took ozone therapy to Africa, with tremendous faith and courage, to deal with the Ebola virus. Ozone was such a success that Doctor Rowen was asked to leave-for political reasons. More money can be made upholding the current euthanasia protocol operating worldwide- and flourishing in Africa. The death-dying and  funeral industry are more profitable then unpatentable, healing ozone.

I arrived at his office, finished filling out the requisite paperwork and handed the receptionist, a kind nurse by the name of Rachel, a few bits of additional information. Moments later she came to the nearby couch where I was sitting and took my basic vital signs in a relaxed and casual way.

Then Rachel ushered me into a chair in the treatment/exam room. Dr. Rowen, back to me,  was finishing up a phone called. A minute later, he turned to introduce himself as he breezed by me, adding:

“I will be with you in one minute.”

When he came back in, Doctor Rowen, gave me a warm handshake and began to read my elaborate ‘History of Present Illness’, a consolidated 3-page paper. After a few minutes of silence he glanced up and said, smiling:

“I’m reading.”

“Sure, no problem.” He then said, shocked. “You were bit by a Tiger, then got shingles?”(Shingles is from the latent chicken pox virus).”

‘Yep, I went to a monastery in Thailand where they save tigers from poachers. I had an up close and personal. It was a light, playful bite but broke the skin. According to research I did later, animal bites (along with prior steroid usage) are often precursors to a shingles outbreak.”

“Really.” He said, seeming to be impressed with my level of research. “You were also exposed to sodium fluoroacetate.” Now surprised, he paused. “In New Zealand! I go there myself and always felt it was safe.” He shook his head as I answered.

“Well, I went hiking at a place that had recently sprayed this chemical, called 1080 to eradicate non-indigenous possoms. They even had a sign up. I did not realize what I was walking into.” (I discuss this more in my book).

Doctor Rowen shook his head again, put the folder down, rose from his chair. I felt us meet as friends on the path. It was no longer Doctor and patient. He understood that the journey I had been on, though about emotional maturation and spiritual depth, also had a real and significant physical toxicity involved. This was the first time a doctor had actually ‘believed’ I was not just some hypochondriac looking for attention.

“Okay, stand up. Let’s test your extraction sites. You have no implants?”


“Put your finger on the upper right empty socket.” I did that. He muscled tested. No reactivity, which would be a sign of infection or toxicity.  We moved through all the empty socket sites. I have 7 missing molars (4 wisdom teeth and 3 extracted root canals). Puzzled, he said. “Okay, lie down on the table.”

Next Doctor Rowen told me that he usually uses Western drugs for parasites. He tested every single drug he thought had a shot. They all showed unresponsive when tested. Next he put up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, which I did not see beforehand. (He later told me this product was his test for the efficacy of ozone therapy). My body said it loved ozone and required it for healing.

He continued muscle testing on acupuncture-based, neuro-lymphatic ‘reflex points’ combined with applied kinesiology to isolate the mains areas of concern. Doctor Rowen went through all the organs. Everything was testing well until suddenly he had a huge reaction at the Large Intestine reflex point. He doubled check it. Then went to a secondary check point, a test related to the strength of my Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle. It was showing very weak.

“That should not be like that, especially for a hiker. Your problem is in the Large Intestine. With your parasite background, it makes sense. “Have you ever been exposed to other chemicals or molds?”

Well, my parent’s house was an old asbestos home, predating the mid 70’s anti-asbestos code and it had a major flooding occur. I discovered this a few years back. I paused. “I went inside without a mask.”

“And you were exposed to sodiumfluoroacetate.”He hesitated, looking at me deeply.

“Okay, you may have lyme too but your biggest issue is these parasites in the colon and the chemicals. We have a woman here who is training our staff in colonic ozone. I have been trying to get this  for years. Finally, Dr. Leavitt has sent Venicia to us. Let me go get her and see if we can fit you in now. How are you set for money?”

“Well, I don’t have much but it doesn’t matter; grace got me here and I need to get well. I feel like shit and never thought I would be able to get a treatment on the same day.”

Venicia came in and they discussed the possibility of getting me in as her last patient of the day (she had a shuttle coming to pick her up in 2 hours).

I was lead to a  back room. I had experienced a colonic a couple times in the 90’s but it has been about 20 years since my last one. I will spare the details here but suffice to say that two hoses running up one’s backside with nozzles that are not small sit right on top of one another. One tube released warm water, the other ozone gas– and this lasts for 1 hour. It was mind- blowing intense! This style of ozone uses O12 instead of O3, that means there are 9 free floating oxygen molecules looking for toxins, instead of one. This style of ozone administration (and there are many ways: injections, vaginally, blood transfusions, etc)  is 30-40 times stronger than using simple ozone infused water, according to Frank Shallenberger M.D., a leading ozone educator for doctors. This style of ozone administration is based on a strict protocol originated in Germany.

Ozone used rectally acts much like a coffee enema in the Gerson therapy, entering the systemic circulation through the bowel wall. Ozone oxidizes (destroys) toxic substances in its path. This is the new preferred method for ozone treatment in many chronic diseases. Recent research in Germany, for instance, has shown that Ozone (in conjunction with other natural therapies) has proven 50 % effective in treating all cancers, as compared to Western Medicine Gauntlet of: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy- which records only an absurd 5% efficacy.

The next morning I woke early after sleeping for 6 hours, 9 pm to 3 am and went to meditate. Tears of gratitude were flowing from my eyes. I could feel that a long-standing toxic load had been removed. ‘This is the holy grail.’ I said to myself.  I had discovered ozone many years ago and somehow it had finally arrived at my door. I wondered: ‘How could oxygen do that much?! Then it dawned, oxygen is intimately tied to the life force that breathes us into existence. According to the great sage of India, Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The most important thing is the Vital Breath. Identify yourself with That; That is the Supreme Self. That is your true nature.”

Later in the day I went in for Major Auto-hemotherapy–which I discussed in my previous ozone blog. The nurse, Pamela, has had Lyme since she was a young girl. A former ICU nurse, she works with many of those who come and are, as she said: “Given up on by Mainstream Western Medicine.” Pamela has this transfusion of one’s own blood (put through the ozone generator) done every week. I told her she was an ozone junkie. After 1-pass session I realized why Pamela has the ozone transfusion done weekly. The holy grail meets the fountain of youth!

Recently Doctor Rowen’s office has been using a new protocol from an Austrian Doctor named Lahodny, where the transfusion of blood is done 10 times in one sitting (I had only one-pass to start for financial reasons. This therapy is expensive as with all medical treatments but the best money you will ever spend. According to Doctor Lahodny, from an article I read, he stated and I paraphrase:

“Most diseases can be cured with a 10-pass Major-Auto-Hemotherapy done once a week for ten weeks.” The cost is 1265 dollars per pass. The total treatment would be 12650 dollars, if I could afford it but more now….I will do what I can. I could only imagine what kind of results Professor Jovanovic was getting with his even more potent RHP ozone healing sessions.

I left Doctor Rowen’s office, telling the receptionist/nurses:

‘Y’all are on the cutting edge of awesome!” They laughed as walked out the door.

In the days that followed, I have had detox reactions (Called Herx), was exposed to two sick friends, yet despite some glitches in health, the underlying energy is strong and treatment is continuing. I may well get my own ozone generator and be able to do treatments at home for maintenance and prevention. The home machine will not be able to do blood transfusions but deliver ozone rectally into the systemic circulation. The nurse, Pamela, uses this method every day.

And recently I was contacted by Professor Jovanovic; he was following up on some patients he had been in contact with but did not travel to Maylasia to receive RHP therapy from him. He was happy I had now found ozone. We have since emailed back and forth several times and I feel even more gratitude for the cutting-edge medical healers who are among us. Also, I found out that Professor Jovanovic may soon be offering RHP in Vancouver, Canada where his holistic healing practice has relocated!

There is a lot more to talk about but this is a long blog. Updates to come…



Ayurvedic Massage…

Recently I had an Ayurvedic healing session with Shiloh Burrows. As a long times healing arts practitioner, I’ve experienced many styles of healing, with numerous practitioners over the last three decades.

Shiloh carries a unique vibration; I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She infused our session with an innate heart-fullness and connection to Source. Her 15-year background includes apprenticeships with indigenous healers in India and the Amazon region. Shiloh has also trained as an herbalist. She has a bachelor’s degree from Bastyr College. Shiloh, as she states on her website, “treats the human body as a sacred vessel of consciousness.”

Our session was over 2-hours long and combined an Abhyanga massage, which emphasizes the calming of the nervous system through nurturing massage strokes along with subtle energy work, using moderate to light pressure. Her touch was truly nurturing and when the second phase of the session began – the Shirodhara treatment- a warm oil head massage, I about melted through the massage table.  The entire session was timeless. Near the finish, as each new wave of warm oil was released onto my head, an inner smile lit up from the inside out and my eyes were encapsulated in still pools of water.

Shiloh uses all organic oils from Banyan Botanicals; sesame oil based with particular blends for specific areas allowing for “maximum digestion by the body.”

This month (April) she is offering half off all sessions; including: Thai Massage and a combination Hot Stone/Lomi-Lomi treatment.

For more information or to contact Shiloh, go to her website at: http://www.ancienttherapies.org

Blessings await!

Yesterday I took a long drive to Sebastopol, to visit my new dentist Dr. Silvano Senn. In the last decade or so, I have realized that finding a good dentist is just as important as finding a good doctor. So, it does not matter how far I have to travel. Dr. Senn used ozone before re-cementing the crown.

My latest foray into a Western drug therapy was ineffective. I followed that treatment with daily use of a frequency zapper, which also did not improve health and physical vitality. After these most recent attempts at revitalization, I decided to stop actively looking for treatment options, healing modalities or ‘fix it’ therapies for my ongoing ‘health renewal’. Then a crown came off one of my back molars on the lower left- number 18 they call it in dentistry. In holistic dentistry the tooth number relates to more than a practical location for communication between assistant and dentist. The tooth number corresponds to an internal energy and biological linkage to other areas in the body.

Tooth eighteen, when I later looked at my correspondence chart, is closely related to:

Lower & upper extremities of the musculature, shoulder, elbow. sacroiliac and inner knee joints, as well as the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine and L-4-5 lumbar regions. In Chinese medicine this tooth is linked to the lungs and large intestine.

I appreciated Dr. Senn’s holistic approach. Immediately upon hearing the basic facts related to a chronic malady I have been dealing with, he gave me a card of his medical colleague, a Santa Rosa MD named Dr. Robert Rowen. (Some months ago, a friend had mentioned his name—so the energy was moving that way on its own). Dr. Rowen is becoming well known, with patients coming from all over the world to see him. This is primarily due to the incredible healing testimonials and health renewals people are having from his Ozone treatments. Many of these patients had long, sordid chronic health situations restored- even after years and dozens of other treatment modes and methods had failed. Dr. Rowen’s Lahodny Protocol form of Major Auto-hemotherapy is one of his most potent holistic aids available in the United States. There is an even more potent form of ozone which will soon be available in Vancouver, Canada—which I discuss below.

With our bodies already undergoing a drastic reduction of environmental ambient oxygen in our breathing environment on earth, one can see the benefit of re-oxygenating our system. According to Professor Erving Laszlo, a Hungarian Philosopher of Integral-System Science:

“Evidence from prehistoric times indicates that the oxygen content of pristine nature was above the 21% of total volume that it is today. It has decreased in recent times due mainly to the burning of coal in the middle of the last century (deforestation and loss of Sea phytoplankton). Currently the oxygen content of the Earth’s atmosphere dips to 19% over impacted areas, and it is down to 12 to 17% over the major cities. At these levels it is difficult for people to get sufficient oxygen to maintain bodily health: it takes a proper intake of oxygen to keep body cells and organs, and the entire immune system, functioning at full efficiency. At the levels we have reached today cancers and other degenerative diseases are likely to develop. And at 6 to 7% life can no longer be sustained.”

Medical Ozone has a history which can be traced back over 100 years and is linked to the diverse and amazing genius of Nicola Tesla who received the first U.S. patent on an ozone generator in 1896

 Six years ago, during the height of my chronic illness, I had an email correspondence with Dr. Peter Jovanovic- known as Professor Ozone. He ran his Ozone Hospital from Maylasia-not because he was a charlatan selling the latest snake oil but simply because the Ozone Therapy he was using, called: RHP (Recirculatory Haemo-Perfusion) was illegal in the United States. It works so well it would make many of Western Medicine’s primary treatments obsolete.

RHP, as Doctor Peter states on one of his numerous websites, “is a technique of treating the entire blood stream with Ozone. With this technique, the patient’s blood is first drawn from a large caliber vein through the use of a medical pump. This blood then goes through a micro-filter which filters the unwanted substances in the blood. At this point the blood is bathed in ozone and then this ozonated blood is re-perfused into the body. This process continues for up to one and a half hours. During this time, the entire volume of blood in the body is filtered, purified and enriched with ozone before being returned to the body.”

RHP is the most powerful ozone therapy in the world. Professor Jovanovic further states:

“This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc’s of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc’s a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 60 minor autohemotherapies or 60 direct injections or 20 major auto hemotherapies in one session.”

The Ozone Hospital treatments were far too expensive at the time; I did not have the extra 30-50,000 dollars needed to travel to and live in Maylasia for a month or two.

Fast forward 6 years. Now Major Auto Hemotherapy, a powerful though less potent form of ozone than RHP, is being used in the United States and tracking under the radar at this point. Europe, especially Austria, is well ahead of America once again and has been using it for quite some time. This modified form of advanced auto-hemotherapy is getting fantastic results.

According to Doctor Kaslow, a holistically-centered MD, when pure oxygen via Major Auto-hemotherapy (a similar but much less potent form of RHP) is introduced into the body, 99 percent of the pathogenic organisms which thrive in an anaerobic environment (oxygen starved), are killed. He further adds:

“Bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, biofilms, chemicals, pesticides and other inflammatory agents are positively charged (+). Ozone is negatively charged (-) and attracts and nullifies these toxins through oxidation processes.”

Essentially, Ozone (oxygen) benefits the healthy cells and destroys the disease-causing agents (pathogens). Think chemotherapy without killing the healthy cells and instead nurturing and bathing all cells in rich oxygen. Right away, one can see that Ozone Therapy is not useful to mainstream Western Medicine because no money can be made on patents. Complicating side-effects of Western Medicine’s barbaric and medieval toxic drugs, chemicals and poisons are vanquished as well.

The cost will be about 15,000.00 for my treatments with Doctor Rowen, for now. And though, I have not been working much and spent all savings, 40,000 dollars, as well as additional thousands used  over the last 8 years while attempting to restore optimal health, some how the money will come. A consult is 500.00 with Doctor Rowen. The ozone treatment series called hyperbaric ozone (HBO3) uses a new technique called OHT.

This new style of Major AutoHemotherapy (MAH), being used at Doctor Rowen’s office, allows more ozone/oxygen into the blood with the higher pressure method.  200 cc of blood are put into a glass bottle,  and then 200 cc of ozone (about 8 oz) are pumped into the bottle under pressure,  then the ozonated blood is returned back to the patient (this constitutes “one pass”).  This procedure is repeated for a total of 10 “passes” (which was original set up by Dr. Lahodny of Austria and known as Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT).   This treatment can be done in one to two hours, depending on the patient’s vein size.

We shall see how it goes, as with all things. Bodily health, though only a possession, is highly prized and I never take it for granted.

Mark Davis…

I found out yesterday that my friend Mark Davis died in a rock climbing accident while repelling down the Rambo Wall near Moab, Utah. It appears that there was a gear malfunction. When I read the email advising our family of this it felt like a punch to the gut and yet by morning I realized that the spirit of Mark was gracing me in the Will Center-with his forceful pillar of strength

I first met Mark Davis in February of 1994 while on a ski trip in Breckenridge, Colorado with my cousin Cass and Uncle John. Mark was a friend and co-worker of Cass. They both worked together at the resort as cameramen and film editors for a company affiliated with the Breckenridge Ski Resort. He was instantly more than a friend; Mark was part of the family.

I saw Mark only about once every three years over the last two- plus decades but each encounter was infused with a certain depth of connection. We loved each other. Mark mirrored a quiet, reflective soul quality. He was a man with a great depth of soul understanding. He lived his life as his spirituality; this quality made him unique among all human beings that I have known. There was no pretense in the man, no religious affiliation, no spiritual talk using metaphysical language or sanskrit terms, no talk of Jesus or Buddha and yet authentic spirituality, true soul force emanated from him as effortlessly as a horse grazing in a green pasture.

Mark’s quiet, often unassuming nature was balanced with a incredible determination and stamina. I will never forget the adventures we shared together–like the classic Santa Cruz Triathlon (my first and last) which I later named ‘The ‘Drownathlon’-for Mark it was all effortless play.

One adventure, and a few moments in particular, are forever etched in my heart.

It was the year 2000-Mark, Cass and I were climbing the East Buttress route of Mount Whitney. Mark knew he was taking neophyte climbers up a new route at high elevation. He made sure to fix double protection for us, rechecking the rigging and gear of my cousin and I. On one particular pitch,  Mark was having difficulty finding the route. This is often the case as books and research can only get you so far; no matter how many maps,pictures or previous climbers you have spoken with. Now, off route, above 13,000 feet with fledglings to watch over, Mark effortlessly led the most difficult section of the climb. After securing protection on top of protection, he called out:

“Okay Hman, your turn.” I breathed a few deep breaths. “On Belay.” Mark yelled with emphatic authority.

We had been climbing for over 8 hours with only a few minutes break here and there. I knew this new section was not our regular 5.6 pitch and stood, intimidated and near spent. A 5.9 crack climb loomed straight in front (I later learned). I began to inch my way up, jamming my fists into the crack and leaning back, standing up and putting one foot nearly on top of the other, slowly but surely creeping upward. Then I fell. Mark caught me. I fell again; Mark’s rope held again. Then one more time I slipped. Each time Mark had the rope, arrested my fall. My cousin Cass was quiet, later telling me that he was intimidated and focusing on his climbing strategy, as he was next to climb.

Doubt crept in. Would I be able to do this? I was at the edge of my rock climbing capability sandwiched between the final glimmers of physical strength. I began to visualize, remembering the only time I had ever seen someone crack climb, from the movie K2.  Mark, Cass and I often made jokes, using lines from that movie as we climbed. One line seemed apropos now, as I “was really sucking the O’s!”

Mark stayed quiet, letting me find my own way. After the 3rd fall though, I yelled up:

“I don’t think I can do it man! Is there some other way up?!”

Mark spoke from a depth that I had never heard before; the force and power I will never forget.

“Hman you have to do it; there is no other way! We cannot down climb.” He did not speak these words as demands, commands or orders; it was all three and yet there was no sense of belittling, judgment or coercion in his voice. There simply was no other choice and suddenly trust replaced doubt.

I started up again, my heart was racing above anaerobic threshold, past the point where oxygen could be used as an effective fuel source. For the last 30 seconds of the climb, my lungs, heart and oxygen imbibing systems were no longer working but Mark was in view and the look on his face, the energy that he embodied willed me up that last few meters. I sat next to him, unable to talk. We looked into each others eyes. He said gently:

“Good job.” Then he looked down at Cass below; all of Mark’s energies now focused on Cass’s security and well-being.

The last time I saw Mark was the day of my father’s celebration of life- a year and a half ago. He had come to show his love and respect. Our family asked him to film the Service. I had written a tribute to my father but it was so deep and intimate that I could not see reading it at the Service in a coherent fashion, without endless tears. I asked Mark if we could videotape me reading it the day before. We did that.

At the service, an hour before it was to begin, Mark realized that the audio was, as he said: “Hot.” This meant it was unusable.

Once again, I was on the rock ledge with Mark. He spoke in that same powerful way, with the trademark calm.

“Sorry Hman, I did everything I could.” He said apologetically.  I took a deep breath. “I feel this was meant to be. I really do. Just get up there and speak from your heart. It doesn’t matter what you say. It matters where you say it from.” He looked at me with compassion and love. Instant strength entered.

A few weeks ago, we exchanged our last email. I had sent him a message that said simply:

“I am so grateful for your friendship. You are a good soul.”

His last words to me, in response via email, were:

“You are the good soul.”

Of course he was talking about himself.


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